Meditation Classes



Intoduction to the Chakra System ~ $175

In this seven week class we will explore each of the seven chakras and thier meaning. We will determine imbalances and excesses and heal them through meditation, art, movement and food.


Tools Class ~ $100

In this four week session I will introduce you to the energetic tools that will assist you in your daily activities. Through in body meditation I will teach you how to release & replenish, while defining your space and many more helpful tools


Get Your Power Girl ~ $100

Are you girl enough for this full on all femal experience? This four week session is a celebration of everything female. We will explore our female creative energy and our baby maker. Become the woman you were born to be. Own your female creative energy and make it work for you!


Spirit Guide Astral Travel ~ $75

In this three week session you will be introduced to one of your spirit guides. Meet and learn to communicae with your guide/totem. Through a guided astral projection you will travel to a sacred site to enjoy the company of your guide while exchanging knowledge and information.



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